Difficult moments shift the ways in which we as a collective act, think and view the world. As we find ourselves now in an abstract and altered landscape, we want to outline our reactionary health protocols to ensure we do everything safely & smartly on all of our sets, and to do our part to combat the spread of COVID-19. Though things might not be “normal”, it’s important that we forge ahead with a “new normal” to ensure the best health and safety for our crews. Savvie is proud to pioneer a new way of producing. We hold the health of our crews to the highest standard, and justly have taken action to ensure safety for all. By acting proactively, we have been able to get back to work running, producing some of the first campaigns in this new working world at top health standards. It’s important to remember that with these new protocols, what was once achievable in one day may take longer - and that’s ok. We’ll be here to optimise your shotlists, ensuring you get all the assets you need. We’ve implemented protocols such as temperature scanning crew members before entry to set; avoiding sharing objects such as pens, phones, computers and other work tools; transport individual when possible; budgeting for Covid-related expenses; maintaining a social distance of, when possible, 10 feet; wearing a face covering when working, paying special attention to hygiene in hair, makeup and wardrobe; following CDC guidelines; and placing special precautions for catering, including a delegated server and/or boxed meals. A full deck is available upon request for detailed procedures. Should you wish to further limit physical interaction, we have relationships with streaming techs across the world that can ensure you’ll see everything happening on set in real time. This allows us to reduce capacity on-set, making the space safer for everyone. Live streams are of highest quality - making it seem like you’re just across the cyc! For virtual and remote shoots, we have constructed ways in which the photographer can shoot from home with a phone or even with a professional camera. We recognise that we are entering into a strange time to work, and to be alive. Savvie hopes to make the transition as seamless as possible while keeping your imagery at the highest quality. And after things are a bit more normal, we can all celebrate … without a mask on.

But for now, let’s return to a safer workspace, together.



Ad Agency: BBDO NY

Photographer & Director: Sophie Hur

DP: Andrea Calvetti

Groomer: Sara Denman

Stylist: Katie Qian

Talents: Rebecca Morely, KJ Dillard, Sydney Schafer, Sadjo Ka, Alexa Legend, Evan Leff, Ava Monet, Anthony Lawson, Christopher Griffin, Jasmine Wattar, Vailer Means, Derek Magar.

Shot in Los Angeles, CA.




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